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  • Based on the Broadway musical based on the hit Christmas movie, Elf tells the story of Buddy the elf and his quest to reunite with the human father he never knew existed. While Buddy's sincerity and idealism are commonplace at the North Pole, these attrib
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  • The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear! And if they don't want to hear your cheer, spread the joy by sharing a tasty beverage in your very own Elf Full Color Wrap Pint Glass Set of 4.
  • Spread holiday cheer when you wear this Buddy the Elf apron.
  • Based on the Broadway musical and Elf, the movie, Buddy the elf is on a quest to reunite with his human father, who lives in New York.
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  • This hilarious Christmas film tells the tale of a young orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts on Christmas Eve and is transported back to the North Pole and raised as an elf.
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  • One Christmas Eve a long time ago, a baby crawled into Santa's bag of toys Raised as an elf. Buddy goes looking for his true place in the world--in New York City.
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  • Santa! I know him! Bring home everyone's favorite elf, Buddy.
  • This deluxe adult Buddy wig will help you complete your Buddy costume from the movie Elf, so you can spread holiday cheer throughout the year!
  • You won't be seen as a cotton-headed ninnymuggins when you take a sip from your festive Son of a Nutcracker Mug. Inspired by Buddy the Elf from Elf, this mug includes the phrase "Son of a Nutcracker!" and art of Buddy and a nutcracker.
  • Santa's coming! Spread holiday cheer as Buddy from the movie Elf in this adult costume, which includes a green fleece jacket with gold yellow accents and white cuffs & collar, matching cone style elf hat, long yellow pants with elastic waistband tights, and black belt with gold color buckle.
  • If smiling is your favorite (or if you just love the movie Elf), you'll love this Elf Smiling Is My Favorite Intarsia Cuff Pom Beanie! With a green, white, and red color scheme, it's the perfect holiday gift for fans of Elf. Don't miss the pom-pom on top!
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  • Santa's coming! Be ready with your deluxe adult Jovi costume from the much-love movie, Elf! This deluxe costume includes a pink velvet dress with red accents & white trim, matching cone elf hat, a red belt with gold color buckle, and red shoe covers.
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