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  • The first-ever Deluxe DC Gallery PVC Diorama celebrates Harley's 1992 debut on Batman: The Animated Series with a new diorama of the Joker's gal pal sitting on top of a gift-wrapped Batman -- an anniversary present to Harley from her Puddin'!
  • This premium, screen-accurate statue features Batman in his tactical suit as portrayed by Ben Affleck based on the Justice League movie lineup.
  • This figure/magazine collection includes a 5-inch-tall, hand panted, resin figure of the Dark Knight, capturing his look from the art deco style of Batman: The Animated Series, and a 12-page magazine.
  • The best figurines from the DC Comics Super Hero Collection are being relaunched in metallic polyresin with new packaging, improved bases and updated magazines. The collection features 1:21 scale Nightwing figurine of DC Comics greatest heroes and villains.
  • This intricately detailed statue features the vigilante Red Hood from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. This statue is sculpted by Majid Esmaeli
  • From the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and DC Collectibles comes this impressively detailed Batman statue, with the Dark Knight ready to strike standing atop a Batman v Superman logo base!
  • This DC Super Hero Collection Batman figure comes with a 16-page magazine detailing his history.
  • The grim sight of an axe-wielding Batman comes to life in this new polystone statue based on comic book rock star Greg Capullo's Dark Knights: Metal #1 midnight release variant cover!
  • Part of the DC Icons line, comes this beautifully sculpted statue by Alan Sales of the Clown Prince of Crime. This Joker statue has a limited edition run of 5,200.
  • Inspired by the women of the DC Animated Universe, Diamond Select introduces this Poison Ivy statue. Based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, this PVC statue of the plant-loving seductress stands tall atop her diorama base.
  • You don't want to end up like Charlie Collins now, do you? Then it'd be in your best interest to pick up this 9-inch figure of The Joker that is sculpted with a high-level of detail with exacting paint applications.
  • Let the worst heroes ever guard your keys with the Suicide Squad Finders Keypers statue, featuring the fan-favorite antihero Harley Quinn!
  • Joining the line of Femme Fatales statues based on Batman: The Animated Series, comes Catwoman with her feline friend, Isis.
  • This fantastic PVC figure of Zatanna, as she appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, will have you talking backward in excitement!
  • Harley Quinn is pleased with the success of her lawyer disguise with this 9" scale figure based on Batman: The Animated Series.
  • This dynamic statue features Harley and her hyenas,' Crackers and Giggles vs. Batman - on top of a Joker coaster filled with dynamite. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Batman: The Animated Series "Waiting for My J Man" statue features a lovelorn Harley Quinn, relaxing on a swanky shag carpet while listening to her favorite tunes, as she waits for a certain someone to come home.
  • The clown princess of crime, Harley Quinn, is once again reimaged, as a DC Bombshells statue
  • Part of the DC Comics Bombshells collection, this striking stylized statue of Batgirl is inspired by the pin-ups of the 1940's and is ready to deliver justice to the criminals of Gotham City.
  • Babs Tarr is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in comics with her historic run on Batgirl. Now she brings her artistic talent to Harley Quinn with this 7-inch statue. Harley is displayed in her roller derby wear, with her classic giant mallet in hand.
  • World famous MAD cartoonist, and caretaker of the beloved classic strip Spy vs. Spy, Peter Kuper, brings all his artistic skill to DC Collectibles for the very frst time with this Batman: Black and White Spy vs. Spy 7-inch statue.
  • Issue #46 of the DC Superhero Collection magazine includes a 1:21 scale Batwoman figure and comes with a 16-page magazine detailing the character's history.
  • This figure/magazine collection includes a 5-inch-tall, hand panted, resin figure of the Joker, capturing his look from the art deco style of Batman: The Animated Series, and a 12-page magazine.
  • Batman by Chris Uminga, manages to sum up so many of Batman's iconic qualities into one illustration and figure. He's not only confident, but a little grumpy, annoyed and overall moody. In addition, Batman highlights Uminga's blend of "creepy and cute" in to one truly awesome figure.
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