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  • In celebration of the release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on Blu-ray from Warner Archive and the 25th anniversary of the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, we're proud to present this exclusive bundle.

    Please note: The Blu-ray and t-shirt will ship separately.
    Price: $39.95 - $44.94
    $46.94 - $51.94
    (save 13-15%)
  • Based on the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series and released theatrically Christmas 1993, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm has not only been ranked by Time magazine as one of the 10 best superhero movies ever, but is also argued amongst fans as being the best Batman movie ever as well.
    (save 9%)
  • This limited edition collector's gift set is perfect gift for any super hero fan! It includes specialty packaging, two movies and premium collectibles.
  • Batman wings into an exciting new era, teaming with a mighty honor roll of DC Comics Super Heroes in the debut season of the smart, hip animated TV series!
  • Blu-ray deluxe gift set features an exclusive Harley Quinn figurine.
  • Price:$19.98
  • Price:$18.94
  • Price:$21.99
  • Braver. Bolder. Batman. Season two of Batman: The Brave and the Bold features more of the action you want as the caped crusader continues to team up with heroes from across the DC Universe, delivering nonstop action with a touch of comic relief.
  • Vowing to avenge the senseless murder of his wealthy parents, Bruce Wayne (voiced by series star KEVIN CONROY) devotes his life to wiping out lawlessness in Gotham City. The Dark Knight occasionally joins Robin and Batgirl, battling his own inner demons as often as the evil figures who bedevil him.
  • In this electrifying animated adventure, the caped crusaders, Batman and Robin, sweep into action in a desperate race against the clock to rescue Batgirl from Mr. Freeze's icy clutches.
    Director:   Boyd Kirkland
    Theatrical Release Date: 03/17/1998
  • Price:$9.97
  • Vowing to avenge the senseless murder of his wealthy parents, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to wiping out lawlessness in Gotham City.
  • Adventure turns a new page with this Motion Comic based on the 9-part, 200+ pages Batgirl comic series.

    Dr. Harley Quinn devises a mad scheme - kill the Dark Knight! A limited-motion adaptation of the Mad Love comic series.
  • Ultimate Edition. Extended Cut of the film with 30 more minutes not seen in theaters.
  • Batman finds his patience tested to the limit when he goes on a road trip with Harley Quinn to track down her old partner-in-crime, Poison Ivy.
  • Price:$24.98
  • Price:$19.97
  • It's the ultimate in villain-thwarting, Gotham-saving superhero action as the Dark Knight stars in 13 all-time fan favorite Batman animated episodes! Together for the first time on DVD, these are the very best episodes chosen from multiple animated Batman
  • Get ready to root for the bad guys! Gotham is in great danger when a group of villains-code named the Suicide Squad- break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve the top secret information.
    Director:   Jay Oliva
    Theatrical Release Date: 07/29/2014
  • Price:$18.94
  • Price:$19.98
  • These lighthearted cartoons from the late 1960s were sometimes paired with animated Superman episodes for a full hour of heroic fun. As always, the Dark Knight fights for good, with Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson becoming the Dynamic Duo.
    Director:   Hal Sutherland
  • Price:$18.94
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